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Blasted Flavors

Afghani #1 (1997-1999)wide-leaf pure landrace Jack the Ripper (1999)Jack Herer x Northern Lights #5 Deadhead [...]

Why I only breed Regular Photoperiod Seeds

I breed for Potency and Flavor. There are 3 types of seeds growers are looking [...]

Part 1: The Future of the Market Space for cannabis genetics

🧬 Part 1: The future of the Market Space (cannabis genetics) 🧬 — Blasted [...]

Beach Wedding

Wedding Cake x Tropicanna

Unicorn Poop

GMO x Sophisticated Lady

Baby Yoda

Acquired from Pharm of Flavor for the BLASTED FLAVORS Collab! This elite clone originally bred [...]

ICM Master Box 1-25 4.20.22

On April 20, 2022. The first 25 Ice Cream Mints Master Boxes with the ICM [...]

Menthol Mints

Pink Certz x Ice Cream Mints Genetics: Pink Certz x Ice Cream MintsGenotype: 60% Indica [...]

Star Mints

Starburstz x Ice Cream Mints AKA STAR MINTS Genetics: Starburstz x Ice Cream MintsGenotype: 60% [...]